Q. Do you really enjoy this work?
A. Yes. It’s been a calling and spiritual undertaking as I believe that sexuality is sacred. I take pleasure in finding a connection with my clients.

Q. Is that you in the pictures?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you see women or couples?
A. I work with gentlemen only

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes I accept cash and credit cards (plus a small processing fee).

Q. Do you accept tips?
A. Gratuity is always appreciated though never expected.

Q. Do you offer outcall to residences?
A. No.  Nor do I visit hotels.

Q. Where are you from and what is your nationality?
A. A natural-born Texan, I am English/Indian/German.

Q. Is weight, age, or race an issue?
A. No, nor are looks important. Impeccable hygiene however is a must!

Q. Your rates are higher than most.
A. At the time of this writing I have over six years of practical experience and continuing education in the field of bodywork. I strive to set the highest standard and my rates reflect that.

Q. What does YMMV mean? I see that in a lot of  reviews.
A. “Your Mileage May Vary-catch all phrase to remind that tastes differ, reviews are inherently subjective, and that providers have good and bad days, thus experiences vary.” Excerpted from the adult glossary.