About Chloe

Sensual Massage & Intimate Healer

You are not a faceless number, 
but a unique individual…
…someone who yearns touch both physically and emotionally. Together, we build a meaningful connection through verbal and
physical communication.
Upon arrival in my comfortable home five miles south of downtown Austin, a safe zone is present and I show you how to *be* who you are.  My spirit, expressions, and body language (32G-25-36) will prove you chose the perfect woman and the massage itself diminishes stress and eases discomfort.

Our introduction will provide understanding and the connection will happen naturally and quickly.  I’m often complimented on how comfortable my guests feel.

Level I, II, and III Certified Reiki practitioner (both medium to deep and gentle touch/tickling touch)

Attended UT Austin and earned wisdom from a life well-lived…along with a few shameless detours .  In addition to the sensual arts, my career includes real estate sales and hotel management, interior design and more.  I’m a colorful individual and an intuitive listener/devoted giver.  All this comes together creating a
heart-stopping sensual bodywork therapist!  But, don’t worry,
I’m also certified in CPR…. 🙂

These days, most of my time is devoted to massage, design, and herbal medicine.
This service is my true calling.  If its possible to improve a persons well-being well, then, I have served a higher purpose.  I am blessed and have the opportunity to share my gifts with you.

I look forward to sharing a comfy experience and connection during our time together.
~ Chloe xx

Services Offered:
Intimate expression, sensual touch, sexual massage, prostate massage, companionship, stimulating non-judgmental conversation, integrated holistic services, sexual education, Reiki massage, herbal consultation

Email: CallChloeInAustin@gmail.com
Website:  www.CallChloeInAustin.com
Gender: Very Female
Age: 45-49
Body Type: Slender, Curvaceous, Busty
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Eye Color: Sparkling Green Eyes
Hair Length: Sassy Short Hair
Hair Color: Blonde
University of Texas
Reiki – Level I, II & III /  Interior Decorator License / and More

Have an affinity for healthy, natural life choices. My body is definitely a temple.
My Passions and Interests:
Bringing Joy/Peace/Comfort
Running, Sauna
Healing & Herbology Education