A*Seductive*Relaxing* Escape

Welcome to my website!  I’m happy you’re interested in knowing me and look forward to meeting you.  I speak from my heart and share what is crucial when making a decision such as choosing who to spend time with.  Allow me to include my background, personality and lifestyle…

My younger years I modeled fashion and more, then became a businesswoman.  Most of my adult life I excelled in a professional sales environment and succeeded gracefully. We were fun, educated and competitive!  Creativity and confidence would soon accelerate my success.  Volunteer work and corporate-supported encouragement pushed me into a board member position and a respected committee chair spokesperson for two local associations.

Escaping that industry I became curious about a new horizon.  A gentleman I knew introduced a business I didn’t know existed. Researching the sexy lifestyle and provocative women online I grew confident that my ability to build a new model of service in Sensual Massage.

My creativity blossomed and was endless!  Today I’m comfortable in my sexual abilities because I understand people and respect their desires.  My heart is open while others are confused.  Please know you’re safe and should feel comfortable with me.  


Quickly, I hope you’ll find my sensual hands and stimulating conversation will entice your senses and satisfy your soul.

Let’s begin building a trusting relationship.

Warmly yours,